About us

Vitbit AS is Norway's leading producer and supplier of dog supplements and treats based on certified marine raw materials with a focus on quality and food safety. We sell treats, snacks and food made from 100% Arctic whitefish for dogs and cats.

Fish is one of the best natural sources of omega-3, which is beneficial for a dog’s fur, skin and joints. Fish is also a good source of protein that is easy to digest, compared with certain types of meat. Fish and other types of seafood are also low in saturated fats and empty calories.

Vitbit is based on high-quality fish approved for human consumption, using the whole fish to ensure sustainable utilisation of our resources. All our products come from well-managed and sustainable fisheries in accordance with international standards. Vitbit is suitable for all breeds, regardless of age and level of activity. It is allergy friendly, gluten-free and packed with protein and omega-3.