Vitbit Fish Snacks 100g

Dog supplement

Vitbit Fish Snacks are healthy treats for dogs, made from 100% natural, dried Norwegian saithe, with no additives. Fish is one of the best natural sources of omega-3, which is beneficial for a dog’s fur, skin and joints. It is also a good source of protein that is easy to digest, compared with certain types of meat. Fish and other types of seafood are also low in saturated fats and empty calories. Vitbit Fish Snacks help prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. 100 g of Vitbit Fish Snacks is equivalent to 500 g of fresh fish. Dried fish in 300 g bags is cut into large portions suitable for medium-sized and large dogs.  Used as treats or rewards.

Vitbit Fish Snacks are based on high-quality Norwegian fish (saithe) caught by Norwegian fishing vessels. We use the smallest fish to ensure the sustainable utilisation of resources. Vitbit Fish Snacks are produced in Norway and are MSC-certified. This certification provides full traceability, all the way back to the fishing vessel that caught the fish. We document all fish used in production to show that it comes from a certified and sustainable fishery
 – MSC-C-5242


Analytical constituents

Raw protein: 76.5%
Raw oil and Raw fat: 3.05%
Crude fibre: 0.5%
Raw ash: 11.0%
Water: 16%
Omega-3: 1.08%

Recommended dose – amount of food per day:

vitbit_100g foringstabell.svg